B.o.B a name we haven’t heard around these parts at least musically was the latest victim on an internet hoax, and he was not too pleased about it.

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B.o.B started a GoFundMe page called Show BoB The Curve with hopes of raising $1 million dollars to help him launch multiple satellites into space to prove that the Earth is in fact a pancake.


B.o.B’s been taking a lot of flack for believing in the Flat Earth theory, but that doesn’t phase the man’s feelings or has him second-guessing his thoughts. Why should it?

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Gucci Mane headlines Atlanta’s annual summer blockbuster concert, Hot 107.9 FM’s Birthday Bash.

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It’s one day after Thanksgiving but like most of the world, B.o.B is already looking a month ahead but with a little less enthusiasm.

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B.o.B never had a chance. “World renowned super scientist” Neil deGrasse Tyson hit The Nightly Show to further cement the tomfoolery of Bobby Ray’s “the Earth is flat” crusade.


The B.o.B pile in light of his assertions that the Earth is flat is starting to reach peak slander, so enjoy it while you can. Neil deGrasse Tyson’s nephew, a rapper who goes by Tyson, has dropped a B.o.B. diss that flips Drake’s Grammy-nominated “Back To Back.”

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B.o.B is standing firm (see what we did there?) on his the Earth is really flat and not a sphere theory. Despite Neil deGrasse Tyson trying to explain to him his folly, the Atlanta rapper dropped a song called “Flatline” doubling down on his stance. 

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There are certain universal truths we all figure out by grade school—one being that the planet Earth is round (a sphere) and rotates around the sun. However, Atlanta rapper B.o.B disagrees; he thinks the Earth is flat.

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A certain single rapper, with a snazzy pair of mini-hoop earrings, is back on the market. That’s right, B.o.B and singer/songwriter Sevyn Streeter are no more.

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Atlanta rapper K Camp hasn’t blown up quite yet, but he’s well on his way if he can continue penning hit records. With the success of “Money Baby” and the growing popularity of his “Cut Her Off” single, the newcomer returns with “Turn Up The Night,” featuring B.o.B.

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After spending years crafting pop hits, B.o.B is on a journey to find himself musically. Fans were first introduced to his new sound on Underground Luxury, but he’s progressed since then to deliver records like “High As Hell.”