Comedian Leslie Jones took controversial Republican House of Representatives congressman George Santos to task on the latest episode of 'The Daily Show' Wednesday night, calling him out for allegedly setting up a GoFundMe for a disabled homeless veteran's dog and stealing the money.

Multiple fans have launched GoFundMe campaigns to restore Kanye West's billionaire status after he was dropped by adidas.

One of the most horrific pieces of footage from 2021 is also serving as a glimmer of hope. Humanitarians have joined together to support an unfortunate victim.

The GoFundMe for Tessica Brown, the viral sensation who erroneously used Gorilla Glue as a substitute for hair gel, is under investigation for fraud. Plans to donate the money are currently on pause until further notice.

All skinfolk, ain't kinfolk. An Atlanta-based activist is making that quite clear after he got caught being funny with BLM donation money.

Candace Owens is a darling of the far-right due to her "Sure I'll tap dance for you massa" antics but that doesn't mean the jig hasn't been spotted, and not just by Black people. The top tier, self-hating buffoon has been suspended by GoFundMe due to her gaslighting antics. 

The feel-good move came from the right place but some on Twitter are critical of the producer asking for money considering his $150 million net worth.

We just yet another reminder that the streets have no love, no matter who you are. A local NOLA innovator got this reminder last week.

Tanisha Foster, the mother of Nipsey Hussle‘s daughter, has been embroiled in a battle with the late rapper’s family regarding the custody of her daughter. A person looking to exploit the trouble between the families has launched a fake GoFundMe page, with Foster warning her followers via Instagram.

When will people learn that 50 Cent’s fountain of petty will never run dry? Young Buck was reminded yet again of this cold fact.

With a bust size of 34S, Stephanie Nelson knows a little bit about the struggles of finding a bra that fits and supports her situation properly. Ms. Nelson has launched a $100,000 GoFundMe effort to support other women in the journey of locating bras that both look and feel good in an overall bid to […]

The name Jimmy Spicer might not be known to the current Hip-Hop generation, but his contribution to the genre and culture are boundless. The pioneering figure has been battling advanced brain and lung cancer, and a GoFundMe has been launched to assist Spicer with medical expenses and fees.