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Comedienne Leslie Jones took Republican congressman George Santos to task for new revelations about his lying involving a disabled homeless veteran and his dying dog.

On Wednesday night’s episode (Jan. 19) of The Daily Show, guest host Leslie Jones opened up with the customary monologue detailing current events. When it came to discussing the embattled GOP House of Representatives member from New York, however, Jones kicked things off with one question. “Do you know how much you have to lie to be known as ‘the lying congressman?’” she asked.

That set the stage for the SNL veteran to disclose the latest scandal that Santos is allegedly involved in – he apparently set up a GoFundMe page in 2016 to help a homeless disabled veteran get surgery for his dog who was diagnosed with a tumor. Santos then reportedly kept the money – $3,000 –  and cut off communication with the vet. The dog died shortly after. According to further reporting, GoFundMe took down the page from its platform after receiving complaints about it. “GoFundMe has a zero-tolerance policy for misuse of our platform and cooperates with law enforcement investigations of those accused of wrongdoing,” the company said in a statement when contacted by CNN.

“He didn’t just steal from a service dog. He didn’t just steal from a dying service dog. He stole from a disabled homeless veteran’s dying service dog!” Jones said in disbelief as the crowd booed the news in disgust. “You evil and stupid!!” She continued: “You’re gonna mess with somebody’s dog? Have you not heard of John Wick? Your ass is in trouble.”

Jones brought that segment to a close in an emphatic way. “Black people don’t get believed when they tell the truth,” she began. “Barack Obama was like, ‘hey, I was born in America’. And people were like, ‘Bulls—t! Where’s your birth certificate?” And this guy was like, ‘I was a Jewish millionaire volleyball star” and y’all were like ‘Hell yeah, put him in Congress!!!”

Check out the entire monologue from The Daily Show below.