Comedian Leslie Jones took controversial Republican House of Representatives congressman George Santos to task on the latest episode of 'The Daily Show' Wednesday night, calling him out for allegedly setting up a GoFundMe for a disabled homeless veteran's dog and stealing the money.


Former 'SNL' alumn Leslie Jones will host the 2021 MTV Movie & TV Awards. The hilarious comedian shares the honor with previous show hosts Tiffany Haddish, Kevin Hart, and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.


During an MSNBC broadcast that showcased the former business mogul trying to mansplain how the election was rigged, Leslie Jones offered some hilarious commentary as only she can.


Leslie Jones has been one of the standout cast members of Saturday Night Live and now her time with the long-running sketch series is done. Jones is leaving to pursue a number of new creative opportunities, including an upcoming Netflix standup special.


For the past five years, Leslie Jones has emerged as one of Saturday Night Live‘s most valued cast members, and her work in film has also garnered her well-deserved praise. Jones is now set to headline a stand-up comedy special on Netflix, bringing her back to her onstage roots.

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Leslie Jones is making some bold claims about the Ritz-Carlton hotel after staying there recently. 


The racist f*ckboys are trolling Leslie Jones again, but she has the Alphabet Boys on her side. Reportedly, the FBI Homeland Security is looking into the hacker that posted nudes and private information on her website, and caused the actress and comedian to take it down.


Leslie Jones has already endured a series of vicious Twitter attacks back in July, which seemed to be inspired by the call of conservative d*ckhead, Milo Yiannopoulos. After the talking head’s ouster from Twitter, Jones private accounts have been hacked to the result of leaked nudes and her homepage altered to featuring harmful racist images.


Milo Yiannopoulos, like many conservative talking heads and figures before him, likes to tout the line that free speech is code for saying offensive remarks and not get checked for it. On Twitter, racist comments are typically the order of the day as evidenced by the online attacks Ghostbusters star Leslie Jones recently faced and […]


Leslie Jones has done nothing more in her career except to try and entertain the masses both as a stand-up comedian and actress, but that hasn’t stopped racist trolls from attacking her. The Saturday Night Live and Ghostbusters reboot star finally grew tired of the Internet attacks and hit back at the trolls via Twitter […]