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Leslie Jones has done nothing more in her career except to try and entertain the masses both as a stand-up comedian and actress, but that hasn’t stopped racist trolls from attacking her. The Saturday Night Live and Ghostbusters reboot star finally grew tired of the Internet attacks and hit back at the trolls via Twitter and a hashtag, “#LoveForLeslieJ,” has been taking hold as well.

Jones took to Twitter last night and posted several tweets calling out the ugly comments people have made about her and the hateful methods in which they’ve attacked her. Jones shared and reported the accounts of several users who called her names and used images that we won’t dignify in repeating or posting. After Jones hit her limit of the attacks, she turned it back onto the trolls.

“Ok I have been called Apes, sent pics of their asses,even got a pic with semen on my face. I’m tryin to figure out what human means. I’m out,” tweeted Jones.

Jones then began sharing some of the hateful tweets, all with the common and unoriginal theme of calling her an ape, blasting her looks, saying she ruined the Ghostbusters movie and so on. After Jones responded and took on the trolls, the hashtag showed her fans and colleagues rallying around her.

What happened to Jones happens not only to Black celebrities but regular people who did nothing to garner the hate they receive. Social media is a place where cowards can freely type what they want behind the glare of a PC screen without fear of getting socked in the face.

While free speech is a right due to all, using social media as a weapon and then hiding one’s hands is weak, callow, and pointless. Hopefully, Jones’ words will call to light how vile and dangerous social media can be for people and women of color.

We’ve collected some of the best #LoveForLeslieJ tweets on the following pages. We’ve also shared some of Jones’ tweets regarding the matter below. All credit goes to Twitter user @MarissaRei1 for the hashtag.

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