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President Donald Trump and his announcement that the city of Jerusalem was now the capital of Israel caught the attention of many due to the former business mogul’s questionably slurred speech. The Daily Show host Trevor Noah also took notice of the weird manner in which Trump spoke, which sparked the hilarious hashtag #DentureDonald in response.

Gucci Mane was a great guest on The Daily Show.

Big Sean continues to put his money where his mouth is. The Detroit rapper says he’s raised $100,000 to help families in neighboring Flint, Mich. during their clear water crisis.

Tomi Lahren has emerged as the millennial version of Ann Coulter, a conservative pundit with a penchant for overreaching arguments about the state of America, particularly its people of color. Lahren, who hosts Tomi for The Blaze network,  was a guest on The Daily Show with Trevor Noah and had many of her talking points dissected […]

Chris Brown is learning the hard way that it will take more than a few seasons for the world to see he turned over a new leaf.

Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson is currently vying for the title of the biggest jackass in the upcoming election and Trevor Noah managed to put it all into perspective during a recent Daily Show montage.

Trevor Noah made his debut on The Daily Show Monday night (Sept. 28), taking over the desk for departing host Jon Stewart. While Noah had mighty big shoes to fill in hosting the show, his debut opening monologue proves he had exactly what it takes to keep the show pushing forward.

As the revamped Daily Show is set to makes its big debut at the end of the month, Comedy Central is ensuring that the roster is air tight for Trevor Noah’s first impression for the world.

With Comedy Central’s The Colbert Report and a humorous final visit by President Barack Obama, it was only fitting for the Commander-In-Chief to visit the outgoing The Daily Show set. During the chat, Jon Stewart got news that his retirement plans might have to shift a bit if President Obama gets to have it his way.

On last night’s Daily Show, Jon Stewart had “nothing”: that’s how he initially summed up his frustration over the “gaping racial wound” in America and how ultimately nothing will be done in light of the massacre of nine Black churchgoers in South Carolina. Welcome to the club.

Trevor Noah has been embroiled in a brewing controversy that was sparked almost immediately after he was announced to take over hosting duties at Comedy Central’s The Daily Show. Noah’s Twitter feed and the jokes featured have been under scrutiny, but several stars have stepped up to defend the comedian in solidarity.

South African comedian Trevor Noah is learning a harsh lesson about American media, this after he’s been under constant criticism after the announcement that he’d be taking over hosting duties on The Daily Show. Noah’s Twitter history has been called into question, with some calling him a misogynist and anti-semitic.