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Trevor Noah x The Daily Show

Source: Comedy Central / Comedy Central

It seems like only yesterday that a young South African comedian stepped into the giant shoes left by Jon Stewart and took over The Daily Show. Yet, it’s been seven years since Trevor Noah started hosting the late night show and last night his watch ended.

Trevor Noah is leaving the show on his own terms. The Daily Show is still a fan favorite, generates viral clips and has helped develop careers including those of Roy Woods, Jr., Jessica Williams, and Amber Ruffin. In his final appearance behind the desk, Noah took some time to celebrate the success of the show during his reign.

“I’m grateful to you. Every single one of you,” Noah said to the audience. “I remember when we started the show, we couldn’t get enough people to fill an audience … Then I look at this now, and I don’t take it for granted ever.”

The comedian paused and then made a special and specific acknowledgement. “Special shout-out to Black women,” he said. “I’ve often been credited with having these grand ideas, people are like, oh, Trevor you’re so smart — I’m like, who do you think teaches me? Who do you think has shaped me, nourished me, informed me?”

He added, “I always tell people, if you truly want to learn about America, talk to Black women. Because, unlike everybody else, Black women can’t afford to f**k around and find out.”

The comedian noted that he’s often asked why Black women turn out in high numbers and vote the way that they do, “because they know what happens if things do not go the way they should.”

Noah specifically named several well-known writers and activists, Roxane Gay, Tressie Mcmillan Cottom, Zoé Samudzi and Tarana Burke. All of whom he noted laughed, talked, and argued with him during his seven-year stint.

He concluded, “I’ll tell you now, do yourself a favor. If you truly want to know what to do or how to do it, or maybe the best way or the most equitable way, talk to Black women. They’re a lot of the reason why I’m here. So I’m grateful to them and I’m grateful to you. This has been an honor, thank you.”

According to The Daily Beast, The Daily Show will feature a rotation celebrity guest hosts until a new permanent host is chosen by the fall 2023 season. The report notes that a few potential guests include Al Franken to Chelsea Handler to Hasan Minhaj.

Noah made the surprising announcement that he was leaving the successful show in September. “My time is up,” Noah said to gasps from the crowd. “Yeah, but in the most beautiful way, honestly.” He called hosting the show, “one of my greatest challenges and one of my greatest joys.”

Noah has hinted that he is ready to go back out on the road performing stand-up. “I miss going to other countries and putting on shows,” he said. “I miss just being everywhere and doing everything.”