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Trevor Noah is leaving the show after seven years, he thanked Black women who have inspired and taught him during that time.

However, the game has its fair share of bozos with awful opinions, especially as it pertains to Black women, and one such show blasted high-earning women by calling them "less attractive" for pursuing financial and professional ascension.

The company is currently embarking on a search to bring equity in some fashion to podcasting, offering five new podcast hosts slots for Women's Equality Day.

Earlier this week, the Academy Award-winning actress stirred up controversy after weighing in on the online debate regarding whether or not Black women should be wearing bonnets in public.; agreeing that Black women should not wear their bonnets outside the home.

During an interview segment with host Ari Melber, the actress praised Black women voters for their efforts but said the "real heroes" were Latina women.

On Thursday (Aug 20) Megan Thee Stallion took to Instagram Live to speak out regarding the shooting after trolls began questioning the legitimacy of her claims because she's been actively moving on with her life despite the horrific incident.

As the saying goes, "Black don't crack" and these ageless beauties prove that.

Over the weekend, Jamaica’s Toni-Ann Singh was crowned Miss World. Her win put an exclamation point on the 2019 pageant circuit because, for the first time ever, Black women now hold five crowns in top beauty contests.

Los Angeles Clippers player Patrick Patterson is in hot water after a previous comment regarding his dating preference resurfaced.

It looks like our culture will receive more representation in entertainment for 2019. A Black woman has been appointed to a senior leadership position at one of the largest streaming services in the world.

Issa Rae has become known for her biting wit and comical observations of life, most especially since her HBO show Insecure has become a huge hit across all demographics. However, there’s a lot of faux outrage going on Twitter since last night after a quote from a book she wrote three years ago suggested that Black women […]

Andrea X left the states after suffering under the weight of gentrification, racism, and the white power structure in America in general. After creating an exclusive retreat specifically for women of color, the former Brooklyn resident is finding that other women are in need of that same escape.