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Megan Thee Stallion

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When it comes to feeling protected in these streets, it’s no secret that Black women are the least; but after Megan Thee Stallion took to Instagram to name Tory Lanez as her shooter after being hassled by trolls–Black women are taking to social media by the droves in solidarity.

On Thursday (Aug 20) Megan Thee Stallion took to Instagram Live to speak out regarding the shooting after trolls began questioning the legitimacy of her claims because she’s been actively moving on with her life despite the horrific incident.

As previously reported, Thee Stallion was tired of the lies and decided to break her code reveal that the Daystar Peterson was the one who shot her, and for no reason. After the leader of the hot girls hopped on Instagram Live and aired out the miniature Candian, the reactions from her fans came pouring in.

But the outpour of support quickly turned into a hashtag full of Black women sharing their own experiences about not being believed and trauma they have faced being a “ride or die” partner.

Adding insult to injuries, while women were trying to console one another and create a safe space for healing, a few ashy trolls attempted to join the conversation noting that the issues with lack of protection aren’t from “all Black men”, a message that many women used to point out the bigger problem of accountability with why abuse against Black women continues to happen.

While the complaints of Black women should be loud and clear, the issue of protecting Black men is nothing new. Almost serving as an unwritten rule, oftentimes Black women are silenced out of fear of protecting their abusers from being hurt by external forces such as law enforcement, based on the trauma that has been inflicted upon our community at the hands of America–but many women are asking when does it end if the love isn’t being reciprocated.

While this issue certainly won’t be resolved in one day, it is time that we as a collective community begin to take a stance against the way Black women are treated both in and outside the community. Often when Black women speak out about issues, even those that have nothing to do with Black men, we are hardly believed.

Recently Bad Girls Club star Meghan James also took to social media yesterday to speak out about the abuse that she experienced at the hands of Lyft driver, resulting in her being left on the side of a highway.

“I get that he was concerned with the pandemic, but there was no reason for him to become aggressive with me because I wanted to roll my window up because I was hot,” the reality star said. “He left me on the 405 and if it wasn’t for this nice family that I didn’t know who stopped to pick me up, I don’t know what would have happened.”

Echoing the sentiments of countless women online, James adds that she contacted the police both while she was on the side of the road and at home, to which no one came to file a complaint.

“I called the police when I was standing on the side of the road telling them what just happened and they are telling me to come in and fill out a police report,” Meghan James continued. “Then I called again once I got home, where I am now, an hour ago and they still haven’t showed up! This is why we say protect Black women!”

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