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Fans Are Dragging Tory Lanez For Shooing Megain Thee Stallion In The Feet

Source: Bernard Smalls / @PhotosByBeanz

Megan Thee Stallion’s loyal fanbase, the hotties want Tory Lanez’s head after she confirmed the short music artist pulled the trigger.

Thee Stallion was tired of the lies and decided to break her code reveal that the Daystar Peterson was the one who shot her, and for no reason. After the leader of the hot girls hopped on Instagram Live and aired out the miniature Candian, the reactions from her fans came pouring in. The man who was once being heralded on social media for his “Quarantine Radio” IG Live show is now public enemy number one for putting hot lead in both feet of the Houston rapper.

Following Megan going into great detail about the July 12 incident that saw Lanez get arrested and revealing she was not going to drop dime on him, fans are not feeling that when it came to protecting Megan, the energy was not reciprocated.

The vitriol coming his way is quite understandable and honestly deserving. We still have no clue as to why he thought it was justifiable to shoot one of the biggest Hip-Hop artists in the country, but at this point, we don’t care. Fans were already suspicious of Lanez involvement in the incident and even started a petition to have to him deported back to Canada, which amassed thousands of signatures. We won’t be shocked in another just happens to spring up, and we will definitely sign it ourselves.

If he isn’t kicked out of the country first, Lanez could possibly find himself in jail, the Los Angeles Police Department is already looking to charge him with a felony.

Nobody feels sorry for Tory at all, you can see the reactions to Megan airing him out as the person who shot her in the gallery below.

Photo: Bernard Smalls / @PhotosByBeanz

1. LOL

2. His fall from the top was epic.

3. That apology better be as loud as the disrespect.

4. Yikes

5. HA!

6. Heard you sis.

7. He is done.

8. Already done.


10. No lies were told in this tweet.