A newly released investigative podcast uncovered details on how the Federal Bureau of Investigation hired a violent felon to infiltrate Black Lives Matter protests in the summer of 2020. Journalist Trevor Aaronson's podcast, "Alphabet Boys", revealed how Michael Windecker II was paid $20,000 for his efforts which included attempts to coerce activists to assassinate Colorado Attorney General Phil Weiser.


A report from the Department of Homeland Security that had been heavily redacted was re-released, showing more details on how the Trump administration wrongfully collected intelligence on those who attended Black Lives Matter protests in Portland, Oregon in 2020.

While Kanye West is continuing to remind us how perpetually disconnected from the culture he is by doing MAGA-fied negro nonsense like wearing “White Lives Matter” shirts and claiming he did it because Black Lives Matter is a scam, some good might be done via the music made by the man many of us affectionately […]


Four current and former Louisville, KY police officers involved in a fatal raid on the apartment of Breonna Taylor have been charged in her death by the Feds. According to the DOJ, their crimes including lying in order to secure the warrant that was used to search her home.


A San Francisco man, Steven Cibotti, was sentenced to 60 days in jail for his threats to shoot a multiracial family wearing "Black Lives Matter" t-shirts in a restaurant in 2020. According to reports, Cibotti also received an order barring him from contact with the family.

Blake Masters, a Republican attorney running to represent Arizona in the U.S. Senate, has been caught on video allegedly assaulting a Democratic protestor wearing a "Black Lives Matter" t-shirt over the past weekend at a GOP rally.

Black Lives Matter has been scrutinized after its co-founder Patrisse Cullors was called out for its misuse of the donations given to the foundation. Now, the IRS has dropped receipts in the form of tax forms, and it details where a good portion of the money went.

Now, former Black Lives Matter Global Network Foundation leader Patrisse Cullors is addressing the criticism in a new interview.

During a recent media appearance, Adams slammed the Black Lives Matter movement for what he framed as a lack of outrage aimed at the rising instances of violence among Black city youth.

On April 4, in Grand Rapids, Michigan, 26-year-old Patrick Lyoya, a Black man from the Democratic Republic of Congo, was fatally shot in the back of the head by a police officer who had him face-down on the ground following a traffic stop that reportedly ended in a brief foot chase and a struggle over […]

Convicted murderer Derek Chauvin saved himself another trial and possibly more years to his prison sentence by pleading guilty to two federal charges related to violating George Floyd’s civil rights.