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Tomi Lahren has emerged as the millennial version of Ann Coulter, a conservative pundit with a penchant for overreaching arguments about the state of America, particularly its people of color. Lahren, who hosts Tomi for The Blaze network,  was a guest on The Daily Show with Trevor Noah and had many of her talking points dissected with ease.

To be fair to Lahren, she held fast to her stances and Noah wasn’t as relentless as his predecessor, Jon Stewart, might have been but there were several moments worth noting. Early in the conversation, Noah pressed Lahren on her controversial viewpoints, she fired back saying, “Sometimes people just need to be called on their sh*t.”

And Noah spent much of their 26-minute conversation doing just that. It was a measured, patient grilling of Lahren’s stances against the Black Lives Matter movement, Donald Trump’s rise to power, the KKK endorsing the President-Elect, and the pulse of race across the country.

There was one brilliant moment of many when Lahren claims that her critiques fall on both sides of the aisle and that she “doesn’t see color” to which Noah quipped that it must be difficult for her to approach a traffic stop.

Watch Trevor Noah and Tomi Lahren’s conversation in full below courtesy of The Daily Show.

Photo: The Daily Show/Screen Cap