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History Channel has a hit on its hands with the new miniseries The Bible, and also a bit of controversy as well. Conservative pundit Glenn Beck caused a stir during last night’s (March 17) airing after tweeting that an actor of color playing Satan resembled President Barack Obama.

“Anyone else think the Devil in #TheBible Sunday on History Channel looks exactly like That Guy?” wrote Beck, hinting that the Satan character looked like Obama.

Beck wasn’t the only person to notice the eerie likeness, as several Twitter users remarked on the similarity. The miniseries has already been accused by critics for being poorly cast and featuring only good-looking actors in standout roles, reports Deadspin. The site also writes that History Channel plans to address the decision to cast Moroccan actor Mehdi Ouazzani in the role of Satan.

Ouazzani’s Satan does share the Obama’s likeness at a glance; with makeup transforming the actor’s dashing looks drastically. Buzzfeed collected a series of tweets regarding the president and the devil, with both shock and negativity among the comments.

“RT @kesgardner: Wait….The Bible series used an actor who looked like Obama to play Satan? BAWAHAHAHA!! When art imitates life (or something like that),” retweeted one user. Another wrote, “Lmfao! The guy that plays Satan in the TV series “The Bible” looks exactly like Obama!”

Check out the gallery of photos featuring the Satan character from The Bible miniseries and other related images on the following pages.

Photos: History Channel, Daily Mail

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