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History Channel has a hit on its hands with the new miniseries The Bible, and also a bit of controversy as well. Conservative pundit Glenn Beck caused a stir during last night’s (March 17) airing after tweeting that an actor of color playing Satan resembled President Barack Obama.

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“I studied you ni**a, cause I was a fan, but I’m a fan of the Lord first so I would be damned/ If Imma let you get over/ Push the fans souls up/ Have me chantin Hova/ For Satan’s hand soldier.” Apparently, some are fed up with Jay Z making his constant, subliminal “shots” at […]


A Lucifer enthusiast is responsible for burning down a Bronx house of worship seemingly for no other reason than for kicks. More than 100 firefighters were on call to battle a raging inferno that consumed the Glory of Christ Church, totally razing the holy building. “When I first saw it, I was just in shock,” […]


It’s funny how perception does a full tailspin as a person becomes progressively famous.  As an artist continues to get the embrace of the mainstream, especially those in Hip Hop , questions begin to arise as to how they were able to claim that success and there is even speculation that is business being dealt […]