Christian Rapper Set Sights On Jay Z With Diss Record [Audio Included]


“I studied you ni**a, cause I was a fan, but I’m a fan of the Lord first so I would be damned/ If Imma let you get over/ Push the fans souls up/ Have me chantin Hova/ For Satan’s hand soldier.”

Apparently, some are fed up with Jay Z making his constant, subliminal “shots” at God and religion and have decided to take matters into their own hands.

Without title, a Christian rapper takes his frustrations out on Hov with a diss track to the Brooklyn rapper.  Coincidentally, he takes the instrumental of “Renegade”, maybe trying to have another artist murder Jay on his own Shyte.

Comparing himself to David and Jigga as Goliath, the rapper is clearly looking to stand behind the Lord and defend him nail and tooth in a battle with Jay Z.  Really?

“What’s with all the black crows, oh your girls a black bird/ Satanic symbols flashing when you lack words.”

First of all, who would have known that a Christian rapper would use the term “ni**a” so loosely in their rhymes?

Not to say that things have been blown out of portion, it is evident that things have become out of hand at this point.  What is the light that everyone is seeing at the end of the tunnel by continuing to try and create a stir with Jay?

With artists, outside of Jay, being pointed at as being anti-Christ and embracing evil for success, the war is on between the industry and the Holy Spirit.