Idris Elba, and his wife Sabrina Elba, will produce the upcoming documentary, Paid IN Full: The Battle For Payback.


The music industry continues to thrive and prosper. Last year music revenue took in nearly $16 billion in revenue.


In 2017, the music industry had its best year since 2006 and amassed a $43 million profit bolstered by the rising streaming services and other factors. However, artists just earned 12 percent of the industry’s overall revenue of $5.1 billion. 

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Most times, fans only get to see and hear the finished product; a new album in stores or a fresh star is getting their time in the spotlight. But there are many behind the scenes players that turned your favorite rapper into a household name.

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Most mainstream takes on Hip-Hop culture tend to end in pure struggle. Fortunately, Lee Daniels’ Empire is one of the rare exceptions.

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Emilio Rojas has been putting work in the Hip-Hop underground for years, earning respect from discerning rap fans and even catching the ear of Rick Ross. For now, the Rochester, NY native remains proudly independent, recently dropping a new mixtape titled Breaking Point. The Latin lyricist sat down with Hip-Hop Wired and described getting led […]

“We’re like, in the middle so everything from here on out is gonna be the grand closing.” With the music world continuing to wait for the release of Lupe Fiasco’s third official album, L.A.S.E.R.S., the rapper looks even farther forward to the finish line. Marking this as the halfway mark in his career, the rapper […]

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The pursuit of fame and success can sometimes leave people with a veil draped over their eyes where they are unable to see the bumps and bruises that one must endure in order to achieve the dream. Maino’s cousin, his close friend, recently committed suicide and last spring the rapper’s best friend was shot by […]

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“I studied you ni**a, cause I was a fan, but I’m a fan of the Lord first so I would be damned/ If Imma let you get over/ Push the fans souls up/ Have me chantin Hova/ For Satan’s hand soldier.” Apparently, some are fed up with Jay Z making his constant, subliminal “shots” at […]

In the music industry there are many types of artists.  There are the one-hit wonders that need their 15 minutes in the spotlight, but are never heard from again.  Another spectrum shows artists that are able to put out potent product for their time period, but can’t keep up with the time and those that […]

In order for an artist to actually be someone in the music industry, they must deal with a major leak of material or a pushback.  While they may be mad that people have access ahead of time, at least people actually want to hear what they have to offer. Chamillionaire, who has been talking about […]

Kid Cudi has never been a rapper that finds it necessary to bring down another rapper in order to promote himself.  He is, however, a man that apparently believes in respect and will immediately shut down those that choose to not show him such courtesy. During a show at the House Of Blues in Myrtle […]