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In order for an artist to actually be someone in the music industry, they must deal with a major leak of material or a pushback.  While they may be mad that people have access ahead of time, at least people actually want to hear what they have to offer.

Chamillionaire, who has been talking about his third studio album Venom since November 2008, is a prime candidate for an artist that might have reached a particular stature as the album has been pushed back from its original release date of February 2 to March 16.

Now with all of the moaning and groaning due to disappointment and having to wait and extra month, the rapper actually has something in store for February anyway.  Although Venom will hit shelves in March, Cham is in the process of leading another movement with another disc titled Major Pain.

Making the announcement through his YouTube, the rapper stated that the politics of the industry wouldn’t allow for him to drop his gem, but that wasn’t going to stop him from delivering in the month he was supposed to.

Utilizing the Internet, the rapper plans to cut the middle man of distribution fees, record labels, A&R’s, etc and distribute through

In order to eliminate all discrepancies and complications, sometimes a person has to go straight to the source to get their fix, so let’s just call Chamillionaire the dealer.