As excited as we are to see how things play out, there will be many questions left to be answered in the film.


Early last year comic book fans collectively gasped when it was reported that Sony was pulling Tom Holland’s Spider-Man from the Marvel Cinematic Universe in order to throw him into the Venom-verse they’d successfully established in 2018’s surprise smash, Venom. Luckily for everyone Sony and Marvel came to an undisclosed agreement to keep Spidey in […]


Ever since red Annie wig rocking Woody Harrelson appeared as serial killer Cletus Kasady during a mid-credit’s scene in Sony’s Spider-Man spinoff film, Venom, fans knew that Venom’s evil offspring symboite Carnage was bound to be the sequels main villain. But now word is getting out that the highly anticipated sequel will be adding another […]

For nearly three decades, Reggie “Redman” Noble has enjoyed a long career in Hip-Hop and has undoubtedly inspired many other MCs along his journey. But few probably would have expected that the Def Squad veteran would inspire Hollywood stars but Tom Hardy confirmed the New Jersey rapper inspired him for his upcoming role in the […]

The latest Venom trailer is out and it definitely up the ante on the carnage (no pun). Eddie Brock (actor Tom Hardy) is getting acquainted with the alien symbiote that has attached itself to him, and it has its pluses and minuses. 

Fans of Spider-Man know that one of his biggest enemies is the spooky alien creature Venom, who fuses with a human host to unleash terror on the masses. Tom Hardy, who plays Eddie Brock/Venom in the upcoming Sony Pictures film Venom, debuted a new trailer for the clip on Monday (April 23) for CinemaCon. 

The wins keep rolling in for Ludwig Göransson. The Swedish composer and record producer is fresh off scoring Marvel’s Black Panther film and will do the same for Sony’s upcoming Venom film.


Just a day after the trailer for Deadpool 2 dropped, comic book fans get another treat as they finally get a glimpse of what Sony studios has in store for their highly-anticipated Spider-Man spinoff, Venom.

Back in 2005, Chamillionaire had the streets ablaze “Ridin Dirty”, but now the rapper reveals that the idea was actually stolen from UGK. While the rapper was promoting his first mainstream project, Sound Of Revenge, that particular record kept his pockets full, but the label has yet to pay the rap duo for their idea. […]

In order for an artist to actually be someone in the music industry, they must deal with a major leak of material or a pushback.  While they may be mad that people have access ahead of time, at least people actually want to hear what they have to offer. Chamillionaire, who has been talking about […]