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For nearly three decades, Reggie “Redman” Noble has enjoyed a long career in Hip-Hop and has undoubtedly inspired many other MCs along his journey. But few probably would have expected that the Def Squad veteran would inspire Hollywood stars but Tom Hardy confirmed the New Jersey rapper inspired him for his upcoming role in the Venom film. 

In a sit-down with Esquire, the English actor who shifted from rhyming to acting nearly 20 years ago shared his story from his humble beginnings in Hammersmith to headlining star who already starred in a number of blockbuster films. During the interview, Hardy broke down how he was able to channel the personalities of director Woody Allen, UFC fighter Conor McGregor, and the Brick City rhyme slinger.

From Esquire:

In Venom, the dual roles of Eddie Brock and Venom reminded him of three wildly different traits of three wildly different people: “Woody Allen’s tortured neurosis and all the humor that can come from that. Conor McGregor—the überviolence but not all the talking. And Redman”—the rapper—“out of control, living rent-free in his head.” Those are not details he revealed to the execs at Sony, which is producing the movie. “You don’t say shit like that to the studio,” he says.

The entire interview is worth reading, giving a refreshing look into the actor’s life away from the camera. And don’t sleep, Hardy had bars when he was rhyming two decades back as evidenced by this recently resurfaced mixtape.

Photo: WENN