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Tom Hardy Venom Trailer

Source: Sony / Marvel

Fans of Spider-Man know that one of his biggest enemies is the spooky alien creature Venom, who fuses with a human host to unleash terror on the masses. Tom Hardy, who plays Eddie Brock/Venom in the upcoming Sony Pictures film Venom, debuted a new trailer for the clip on Monday (April 23) for CinemaCon. 

The trailer focuses on Eddie Brock, a journalist who falls on hard times after a story he publishes puts him on the outs of the industry. The alien creature is shown throughout the clip in its natural, liquefied state as a shadowy group attempts to fuse the symbiote with a human host. Connecting with Brock, the create, which refers to itself in this form as Venom, grants the otherwise normal Brock amazing powers and they both connect via mutual rage.

Although it was reported that the movie will not exist in the Marvel Cinematic Universe timeline, the character may show up in future Spider-Man films.

Venom makes its debut on October 5.

Photo: Getty