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“We’re like, in the middle so everything from here on out is gonna be the grand closing.”

With the music world continuing to wait for the release of Lupe Fiasco’s third official album, L.A.S.E.R.S., the rapper looks even farther forward to the finish line.

Marking this as the halfway mark in his career, the rapper still says that his frustrations with the music industry will inevitably have him bowing out once and for all.

Just to think, he only became mainstream in 2006 and he’s tired of the politics after four years.

In regard to the release date of the upcoming project, Fiasco stated the album is completely finished and it is now in the hands of Atlantic Records to figure out when they would like to have it hit shelves.

According to the Chicago native, the project known as Child Rebel Soldiers, or CRS, with Kanye West and Pharrell still has the green light to go.

Outside of the music, Fiasco is in the process of creating his first book.  Adding that he was always a writer, the music was just an extension of his ability to tell stories.

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