According to some online chatter, GAWVI allegedly sent unsolicited photos of his junk to several women while still hitched.

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Take note, just because a rapper spits bars about the Lord, it doesn’t mean he or she won’t body you, literally. A Christian rapper allegedly ran over and killed a music producer after an argument. 

“Honestly, I’m fully committed God and I don’t compromise that. I never came in with the intention to throw lyrical jabs or “diss” Jay-Z.  My position is always from the defense never the offense so my message is not against Jay-Z or people in the industry… it’s just for God.  I really am just trying […]

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“I studied you ni**a, cause I was a fan, but I’m a fan of the Lord first so I would be damned/ If Imma let you get over/ Push the fans souls up/ Have me chantin Hova/ For Satan’s hand soldier.” Apparently, some are fed up with Jay Z making his constant, subliminal “shots” at […]