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GAWVI, a popular Christian rapper who emerged as a member of the Reach Records label, had his contract voided due to some actions that didn’t reflect the core values of those of the faith. According to some online chatter, GAWVI allegedly sent unsolicited photos of his junk to several women while still hitched.

Rapzilla reports that GAWVI, real name Gabriel Alberto Azucena, was accused of sending the photos after Chicago artist @cataphant shared a tweet regarding GAWVI’s actions. The outlet opened the piece up remarking on GAWVI mentioning details of his divorce, which then sparked a flurry of responses regarding his alleged activities.

From Rapzilla:

Unfortunately, a number of stunning allegations have come to light over this last weekend regarding producer and artist GAWVI. Reach Records, hot off the news of their upcoming Unashamed Tour with every artist on the roster, might have some reworking to do.

*Note, the following information is what is being alleged and it is explicit. The allegations are strong, seemingly made by credible sources, and it’s important to remember that there were/are people hurt by what has happened and the backlash of this all. All allegations that can not be sourced to something credible have been left out. GAWVI has not made any statement himself yet. We have also sent messages to Reach Records to get a statement on what’s going on. They will respond soon. *UPDATE: below is Reach’s statement.

We’ll share the statement from Reach Records below:

Due to behavior that is inconsistent with our core values, we have ended our professional relationship with GAWVI. This was a tough decision for us because of the level of complexity and because we invest in our artists not just for their talent, but also as brothers and sisters in Christ.

GAWVI’s ex-wife, Brianna Azucena, suggested instances of infidelity, trauma, and other issues in a series of TikTok videos. Her account is currently private.

The news comes just as Reach Records was set to embark upon the “We Are Unashamed” tour with the entire roster, including label co-founder Lecrae, Trip Lee, and more.

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