The former That's So Raven star has since turned his life around and has delivered a new set of verses celebrating the triumph over his demons


Lil Nas X has all the time in the world to respond to people calling for him to be canceled.


Kanye West reportedly has big plans for 2020. The “saved” rapper is allegedly taking is his Sunday Service globally.


Kanye West is currently taking his Sunday Service across the country, putting gospel spins on hit records while spewing historically incorrect Black History facts. His white pastor is now claiming Yeezy is excited about reading the Bible and his newfound relationship with Christ.

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Bill O’Reilly is a hack and a troll. A successful one but equally shameless at excelling at both.

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Katie Holmes Jamie Foxx’s rumored girlfriend didn’t want any parts of the church for herself or her daughter she had with Tom Cruise. She’s back to being Catholic. — Photo: Brian To/

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Kanye West has both directly and indirectly made himself the subject of idol worship over the course of his career. Last year, a group of yahoos started a cult religion named Yeezianity but who can blame them after the superstar rapper went from preaching “Jesus Walks” to “I’m a God.”


The religion you choose (or don’t choose) is on you. That doesn’t mean the rest of the world won’t laugh at your expense. From Tom Cruise’s affiliation with The Church of Scientology to Michael Jackson and Prince’s time as Jehovah’s Witnesses, nobody’s safe.


While most millennials soaked in the uplifting Black Girls Rock 2015 on Sunday, a great deal of the country’s baby boomers were taking in Bill O’Reilly’s television adaptation of his book, Killing Jesus, which premiered on National Geographic.

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Apparently, God is taking his time with this one. The man who claimed to be “delivert” and that he wasn’t “gay no more” in a video that went viral says the man upstairs still hasn’t made him straight. 

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Lupe Fiasco has a gift for stirring up controversy and lively debate whether onstage or via social media. Over the weekend on Twitter, the Chicago rapper answered a fan’s question regarding the Islamic faith that turned heads for some.


Imagine being raised in a household where there are no holidays, celebrated birthdays celebrated or no disrupting the general order of living. True, this sounds eerily similar to life in the ghetto but it also describes life as a Jehovah Witness.