Bill O’Reilly is a hack and a troll. A successful one but equally shameless at excelling at both.

A recent study has allowed the FOX News host to gain notoriety yet again at the expense of dissing Hip-Hop.

Pew Research shows that Americans have been shying away from identifying as Christians since 2007 with the decline in the conservatism agenda and O’Reilly needed a scapegoat.

“There is no question that people of faith are being marginalized by a secular media and pernicious entertainment,” O’Reilly said to the Washington Post. “The rap industry, for example, often glorifies depraved behavior. That sinks into the minds of some young people — the group that is most likely to reject religion.”

O’Reilly is renowned for his asinine and borderline racist comments, so his comments should not raise too many eyebrows in the twilight years of his dwindling career. If you need a more statistical refute, a recent poll has found that Black people are the least group to reject religion and anyone who actively listens to Hip-Hop would obviously know this.

However, when you’ve made a fortune eating off America’s endangered species of out-of-touch baby boomers, you only know one way to look up. the latest video at

H/T: Billboard

Photo: FOX News

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