A Nigerian social media influencer caused a commotion with a video detailing a recent surgical procedure she called a "Christian BBL."

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Craig Mack is back in the news again, and no, he’s not reuniting with his former Bad Boy Records crew as they embark on a reunion tour. The “Flava In Ya Ear” rapper appeared in a video at the church of alleged Christian cult leader Brother Stair’s Overcomer Ministry church.


Back in January, Popular Mechanics dug up their 13-year-old sketch they scientifically believed to be the actual face of Jesus Christ.


If you thought the members of Charleston’s Emanuel AME Church was going to let the busy work of the devil break their spirits for good, then you have severely underestimated the power of faith.

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According to most Christianity teachings, homosexuality is a sin, generally put on a grand scale magnitude. So you can imagine the level of scandal St. John’s Lutheran Church and School in Midland, Michigan now that their associate pastor, Reverend Matthew Makela was caught as an active user on the gay dating app, Grindr.

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Bill O’Reilly is a hack and a troll. A successful one but equally shameless at excelling at both.

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Russell Wilson has found an alterative way for fans to forget about his intercepted pass during Super Bowl XLIX. Unfortunately, it’s one that has a particular sect of his followers up in arms.


Boondocks creator Aaron McGruder didn’t have to be a prophet born in the Old Testament days to foreshadow the backlash his new Adult Swim show Black Jesus would attract.

There have never been any boundaries set between separation of church and the state of rap music and as a result, there have been various religious groups who have called out rappers for their perceived sacrilegious lyrics.

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One of North Miami’s mayoral candidates has found a political endorsement in the form of a Lord and Savior. Anna Pierre has called on the help of Jesus Christ to win election.

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It’s hard out here for a rapper. So hard and sinister, in fact, that many artists find themselves turning to religion shortly after their industry days are over, with some even stepping in the pulpit to spread the gospel themselves. Others see the writing on the wall, and head for the high road, even sooner. Many […]