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Boondocks creator Aaron McGruder didn’t have to be a prophet born in the Old Testament days to foreshadow the backlash his new Adult Swim show Black Jesus would attract.

News of the show’s development has swirling around for more than a year but it was the recent release of the trailer that had conservative and Christian groups in arms over the show’s debatable sacreligious content.

Black Jesus’ premise is just how it sounds; an African-American male portrays the Son of Man with characteristics that greatly play into Black stereotypes. He’s blunt and curses heavily, blesses his believers with weed and alcohol and has an overall pessimessitic view towards white people.

Huffington Post has found several religious leaders from all across the country are embarking on independent crusades to nail the series to the cross before it gets off the ground.

Pastor David Rodgers of Chicago’s House of Prayer for All Nations Ministries says the Christian Community is “vehemently opposed and violently offended” by the show. Social conservatism group One Million Moms launched their own petition to coincide with the bigger one currently making its rounds on the Internet and the American Family Association says TBS is making “a mockery” of the Christian faith as a whole.

Flip through the pages below to check what others are saying about the proposed Black Jesus boycott.

Everyone is entitled to their opinon. What’s yours?

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