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Snoop Dogg helped remind viewers that Black Jesus is back to liven up Adult Swim for another season and he did it with a barrel of laughs and blunts.

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All praises due to Black Jesus and Mike Tyson for resonating with their audiences and avoiding that dreaded first season curse. Adult Swim has vested special trust in them–along with the Brooke Shields-voiced Mr. Pickles–to keep the party going for another season.


Boondocks creator Aaron McGruder didn’t have to be a prophet born in the Old Testament days to foreshadow the backlash his new Adult Swim show Black Jesus would attract.

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The Boondocks is supremely wack without Aaron McGruder, and now we have something to help cleanse our palates of what has become of that show. Today (July 18) Adult Swim released the official trailer for McGruder’s latest series, Black Jesus.


When Aaron McGruder announced he wouldn’t have any involvement in the upcoming season of The Boondocks, there weren’t any “specific details.”


The Boondocks creator Aaron McGruder has already shown he has a penchant for edgy comedy. Set to air later this year, another series from McGruder, Black Jesus, has been given the green light by the good folks at Adult Swim.

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The church of Hip-Hop can always use more Yasiin Bey. The artist still known as the Mighty Mos Def drops “Black Jesus,” a collaboration with legendary Cash Money producer Mannie Fresh.

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Yaasin Bey has been rather giving with the unreleased material lately. The first instance came just days ago, when footage of the Brooklyn native performing an unheard track produced by Kanye West, titled “The Light is Not Afraid of the Dark,” in Chicago surfaced. Today, we got wind that the artist formerly known as Mos […]

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The Game continues his Sunday Service series and today’s fourth installment is a song called “Black Jesus.” Although it won’t be appearing on the “Hate It Or Love It” rapper’s forthcoming Jesus Piece album, it’s definitely not for a lack of quality. 


Is Compton rapper the Game’s album cover for his upcoming Jesus Piece project blasphemous? That’s certainly what plenty of people will be asking when they take a look at its artwork (see below).