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The Boondocks will be returning to the HBO Max streaming service late next year, which feels like a lifetime away. However, Twitter has joined together in loud celebration that Aaron McGruder’s visually and socially stirring series is making a welcome return.

One of the most beloved adult animated series is slated for a big comeback. Huey and Riley will be back in 2020.

Even though the Internets remain undefeated The Boondocks brought a different type of cultural analysis through satire. Thankfully it is back—wellm sort of.

In the midst of the furor of HBO‘s upcoming drama Confederate, Amazon is readying their own alt-history series. Black America will imagine the world where Black people rule a number of southern states ahead of an epic clash with the United States.

Boondocks creator Aaron McGruder didn’t have to be a prophet born in the Old Testament days to foreshadow the backlash his new Adult Swim show Black Jesus would attract.

When Aaron McGruder announced he wouldn’t have any involvement in the upcoming season of The Boondocks, there weren’t any “specific details.”

The belated return of The Boondocks has suddenly become bittersweet. Although the series is finally back for a fourth season in April, it will be without the involvement of its creator, Aaron McGruder.

The Boondocks creator Aaron McGruder has already shown he has a penchant for edgy comedy. Set to air later this year, another series from McGruder, Black Jesus, has been given the green light by the good folks at Adult Swim.

Why have you forsaken us Aaron McGruder? The big announcement from The Boondocks and its aforementioned creator was an upcoming live action movie based on the self-loathing Uncle Ruckus character.

It’s been a long time coming but The Boondocks is finally about to bless your TV screens once again. Adult Swim announced via their website, that season 4 will kick-off soon, but didn’t release details on the premiere date.

The Boondocks season three will premiere on Sunday, May 2nd at 11:30 PM on Cartoon Networks’ Adult Swim, but until then fans of the animated series can get a taste of what the new season will bring on creator Aaron McGruder’s official unofficial website, BoondocksBootleg.com. The site will provide audiences with never before seen video […]