One of North Miami’s mayoral candidates has found a political endorsement in the form of a Lord and Savior. Anna Pierre has called on the help of Jesus Christ to win election.

Pierre, a registered nurse, is one of seven candidates running for mayor and proclaimed Christ’s dedication to her campaign as polls opened at the Gwen Margolis Community Center, Tuesday (May 14) morning. “Yes, Jesus endorsed me!”

She also made a very important point clear:  “I’m not nuts, if I’m a freak and nuts for Jesus, let it be! Let the world know that Jesus is it, and when you have Jesus on your side you can go on.”

Jesus popped into Pierre’s head while on the campaign trail, driving her to not only seek his political approval, but plaster his face on her campaign flyers. “I don’t know about if he likes me more, but what I can tell you, I know he loves me very much,” she said. “If it wasnt for the love of Jesus I wouldn’t be standing here today.”

As it turns out, voters aren’t completely turned off by Pierre’s antics. While one person wasn’t sure if they should to “maintain the cosmic balance,” by choosing the Haiti native given her “powerful endorsement,” another just want her to be happy. “I’m Christian and if she believes it– I’ve never heard it before– but you know, she could’ve been [endorsed by Jesus],” said voter Ann Simpson.

Pierre’s alignment with Christ came just in time to ward off the evil spirits. She previously accused one of her opponents of putting voodoo items (candles, food, and dolls with pins stuck in them) outside her campaign office, as an intimidation tactic. “The voodoo stuff, I don’t know who’s doing it, but I’m not afraid,” she said of the situation. “It’s just intimidation to … slow me down. But you know what? I’m not going to slow down until the finish line.”

That’s the spirit.

See video of Pierre below.

Photo: NBC Miami