Kanye West, MAGA hat and all, didn’t exactly help himself on the political front after visiting with President Donald Trump in a bizarre exchange earlier this month. But it appears Ye is looking to change that perception after donating to the campaign of a Black woman running for mayor in his hometown of Chicago.


Chance The Rapper has thrown his customary “3” hat into the political sphere in times past and now the hometown hero is putting his support behind a mayoral candidate in Chicago‘s stacked race. Chano endorses current Austin Chamber of Commerce director Amara Enyia for the mayor’s seat.

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Anthony Weiner is a married politician, who just happens to be running for mayor of New York City. Clearly he’s very busy, and can’t remember how many women were on the receiving end of his latest dirty texting spree….but he thinks it’s about three or so.

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Anthony Weiner is back on the apology train after a new bunch of explicit photos and texts landed on As he did two years ago after after crotch shots sent to a woman online were made public, the married New York politician is once again asking for forgiveness.

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One of North Miami’s mayoral candidates has found a political endorsement in the form of a Lord and Savior. Anna Pierre has called on the help of Jesus Christ to win election.