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Anthony Weiner is a married politician, who just happens to be running for mayor of New York City. Clearly he’s very busy, and can’t remember how many women were on the receiving end of his latest dirty texting spree….but he thinks it’s about three or so.

“I don’t believe I had any more than three,” he told reporters Wednesday (July 25) during a campaign stop at a soup kitchen. Asked of how many  he’s been involved with since getting married, and 48-year-old drew a blank. “I don’t have a specific number for you. There were a few. I said at the time of my resignation there have been six; I don’t think in total there are any more.

“Here’s the problem,” he added. “There are people I’ve had exchanges with that are completely appropriate … there were no pictures, no illicit texts or anything like that. If those people want to say they don’t like the exchanges either, I don’t know where to put them.”

When questioned again, Weiner gave a rough estimate. “Six to 10, I suppose, but I can’t tell you, absolutely, what someone is going to consider inappropriate or not.”

His newborn scandal arose after a gossip site posted explicit images and text messages sent to Sydney Leathers, 23. Weiner engaged in an online relationship with Leathers after his inaugural controversy forced a Congressional resignation. Wife Huma Abedin vowed to stand by telling the media that she has forgiven her husband. “I still believe in him,” she said.

Voters on the other hand, aren’t so willing to give him another chance. Weiner’s continues to drop in the polls.

Photo: WaPo