Carlos Danger aka Anthony Weiner reportedly cried like a little beeyotch in federal court today. The disgraced politician pleaded guilty in federal court to sexting a 15-year-old girl. 


Anthony Weiner is officially the poster boy for struggle. The shamed public official who infamously got caught up in a sexting scandal, got caught sexting again. 


A love triangle and daddy issues keep getting in Olvia Pope’s way, but the queen of wool coats is keeping it moving. On last night’s (Oct. 24) Scandal  episode — aptly titled “Say Hello To My Little Friend” — Pope and her handy group of fast-talking concubines represent  a married Senator with a penchant for sexting […]

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The  46th annual West Indian Day parade went down yesterday (Sept. 2) along Eastern Parkway in Brooklyn and as usual it was a festive occasion. Beautiful people, flags and floats were seen everywhere, along with NYC Mayoral candidate Anthony Weiner giving shout outs to Caribbean islands.

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If we are to learn anything from Anthony Weiner’s latest sexting scandal, it’s that side chicks are destined to be your downfall. But these indecencies are not only specific to the political arena. Athletes, rappers, actors, and even the every day blue-collar worker have all felt the shame and slander of getting put on blast […]

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Anthony Weiner’s political hopes are on a nonstop downward spiral. Weiner has dropped to fourth place in the race for mayor of New York City. Also, his campaign manager quit.

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Anthony Weiner is a married politician, who just happens to be running for mayor of New York City. Clearly he’s very busy, and can’t remember how many women were on the receiving end of his latest dirty texting spree….but he thinks it’s about three or so.

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Anthony Weiner is not only looking towards redemption, political vindication is also on the menu. The former Congressman’s career was soiled thanks to a s-xting scandal two years ago, but he’s hoping that running for mayor of New York will allot him a second chance at making a first impression.