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A love triangle and daddy issues keep getting in Olvia Pope’s way, but the queen of wool coats is keeping it moving. On last night’s (Oct. 24) Scandal  episode — aptly titled “Say Hello To My Little Friend” — Pope and her handy group of fast-talking concubines represent  a married Senator with a penchant for sexting his man junk to just about any woman in America—so long as it’s not his wife.

Sounds familiar? It’s (based on) Anthony Weiner.

The Weiner-esque politician, Sen. Myers, is on trial for murdering his side work (sh-t happens). The trial opened the door to a troth of other jumpoffs, one of whom he asked to “squeeze ’em until they hit you in the face.”

Pure class.

Myers’ wife stands by his philandering until she has a breakdown on the witness stand and tells the court that she doesn’t love him anymore. Unfortunately,  it didn’t work because Sen. Myers is found guilty of a murder he didn’t commit.


Photo: ABC

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