The South Carolina preacher was previously exposed in a cheating scandal in early 2019 and has apparently slipped from the path once again.

Andrew Gillum was one of the Democratic party's rising stars, but one fateful night ruined all of that. He is back to give us an update on his life.

Andrew Gillum has placed his political career on ice. The man who came close to being Governor of Florida announced he is going to rehab after he was present in a hotel room where a man nearly overdosed.

DeMario Jackson is hoping to clear his name amid a scandal that shut down production of the current season of ABC‘s Bachelor in Paradise series. Jackson says footage of a poolside romp would reveal that he and a castmate had consensual sexual contact and wants the footage released publicly.

A group of former NYPD officers is facing charges of taking high-end bribes to speed up the process for approving gun licenses in the city. The retired officers, along with an assistant district attorney, accepted such gifts as prostitutes, trips to Mexico, meals and other gifts from their clientele.

Bernie Sanders never appeared to be the darling of the Democratic Party but it was apparent he had the support of many who wanted to see the Vermont senator as the next President of the United States. Amid the DNC leaked email scandal and rumors that the Democratic Party tailored the primary towards their current […]

Roger Ailes, the founder of the Fox News Channel, has officially resigned from the network he helped build amid a growing sexual harassment scandal. Rumors surrounding a possible ouster of the network’s CEO and chairman developed in recent times, even with news breaking this week that Ailes’ position was possibly still safe.

The Panama Papers, a series of documents showing how some of the world’s richest people used other countries to hide their assets and avoid higher taxes, has been leaked. The large-scale investigation has many moving parts, and several people have been implicated in tax haven schemes over the past 40 years.

Unfortunately for America, there are still several incredulous citizens who refuse to believe that the Confederate flag represents an evil practice the country had to shed blood to defeat.

While some of the initial madness has died down, Scandal is still a television powerhouse. The show boasts a diverse cast, reality-inspired plot lines, and your lady might have legit beef if you turn the channel while it’s on.

Okay, so last night’s (Feb. 12) episode of Scandal was a little on the awkward side. We have Olivia Pope, the sole Black woman in Washington D.C. apparently  — besides her mother — held captive by a trigger-happy White guys only to be sold to the highest bidder.

Scandal is back from winter break and the first episode was one hell of a ride? Talk about twists and turns.