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If we are to learn anything from Anthony Weiner’s latest sexting scandal, it’s that side chicks are destined to be your downfall. But these indecencies are not only specific to the political arena. Athletes, rappers, actors, and even the every day blue-collar worker have all felt the shame and slander of getting put on blast by their lady on the side.

Those scandals are an opportunity for a come up, and side chicks are not shy about capitalizing on all the media attention. There is a certain way to maximize those fifteen minutes of infamy for capital gain; maybe she, or he, writes a tell all book or grants an exclusive interview for an undisclosed sum. However, not all B-chicks are that savvy.

For example, here are 10 side chick fails that will make you rethink your personal wealth strategy if putting your sugar daddy or Internet jumpoff on blast.

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