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Kat Stacks is out the bing, didn’t get deported and is doing interviews. The infamous for all the wrong reasons woman is allegedly on the straight and narrow path but her commentary will either have you shaking your head in disgust or experiencing some sadness, with little in between.

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If we are to learn anything from Anthony Weiner’s latest sexting scandal, it’s that side chicks are destined to be your downfall. But these indecencies are not only specific to the political arena. Athletes, rappers, actors, and even the every day blue-collar worker have all felt the shame and slander of getting put on blast […]

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It’s been just over a week since YouTube star and friend to Honey Coc-aine, Freddy E, reportedly took his own life after cryptically tweeting about it on Twitter.

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It’s been a long time coming but Hip-Hop’s favorite free range chicken has finally flown the coupe. Kat Stacks was released from custody last week, and now that she’s a free bird there are lots of things she can do to get herself back on track.


Now that Kat Stacks is free to feel the sun on her face whenever she pleases, she’s wasting no time getting Twitter crazy. Earlier today, Stacks went at rapper Honey Coca1ne, over the suicide of fellow rhymer, Freddy E.

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Andrea Herrera, better known as super-groupie Kat Stacks, was given a deportation reprieve Wednesday, making her a free woman. 

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Kat Stacks is taking her freedom fight to the president. Hip-Hop’s infamous jump-off who had her tactics to garner stardom backfire when she was sent to jail, is facing deportation back to Venezuela and wants the Obama administration to give her a helping hand. Stacks, born Andrea Herrera, has been at a Louisiana immigration detention […]

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Do you remember Kat Stacks? Do you care? For those that do, the Rap super groupie is getting deported back to her native Venezuela after spending two years in a Louisiana prison. Born Andrea Herrera, the infamous jump off’s mother, Johnyelsi Cardenas, sent out a letter revealing what her fast daughter, who in a recent […]