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It’s been a long time coming but Hip-Hop’s favorite free range chicken has finally flown the coupe. Kat Stacks was released from custody last week, and now that she’s a free bird there are lots of things she can do to get herself back on track.

Last night, Stacks—who now goes by her government name Andrea Herrera—unsuccessfully tried to start a Twitter war with rapper Honey Coca1ne, over the suicide of Freddy E, but it didn’t work. With more than 200,000 “followers” of her daily doctrine, Stacks is in position to use her social media popularity for good instead of evil.

As any classic sh-t talker would, she went from opening her tawdry bedroom tales, to being stripped of a basic human necessities, like showering in a sanitary environment. During her incarceration she was heavy with the shedding of groupie tears over being locked up (which is no surprise since every bird species has a breaking point), but now that her wish has been granted it’s important that she get her life together, and stay on the straight and narrow.

Because we care about the well-being of Hip-Hop favorite struggle jumpoff, Hip-Hop Wired wants to give Stacks a push in the right direction. Check out 10 things that she can do now that she’s been set free.


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