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“Things can get overwhelming, that’s the bottom line,” Joe Budden tells Hip-Hop Wired about the steps that lead to suicide. The Love & Hip Hop New York star has been open about his battle with sobriety and spoke with us about the slow-moving issue taking down the Black male and Hip-Hop communities.

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It’s been just over a week since YouTube star and friend to Honey Coc-aine, Freddy E, reportedly took his own life after cryptically tweeting about it on Twitter.

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Last weekend YouTube star and friend to Honey Coca*ne, Freddy E, reportedly took his own life before tweeting about it on Twitter.

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It’s been a long time coming but Hip-Hop’s favorite free range chicken has finally flown the coupe. Kat Stacks was released from custody last week, and now that she’s a free bird there are lots of things she can do to get herself back on track.


Now that Kat Stacks is free to feel the sun on her face whenever she pleases, she’s wasting no time getting Twitter crazy. Earlier today, Stacks went at rapper Honey Coca1ne, over the suicide of fellow rhymer, Freddy E.


**UPDATE: Hip-Hop Wired has learned exclusively that Freddy E was not signed to Tyga’s record label, and did not know the Young Money star. Rapper Freddy E, an artist rumored to be signed to Tyga’s record label, committed suicide Saturday (Jan. 5), after tweeting that he would do so. The young rhymer was said to […]