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Kanye West, MAGA hat and all, didn’t exactly help himself on the political front after visiting with President Donald Trump in a bizarre exchange earlier this month. But it appears Ye is looking to change that perception after donating to the campaign of a Black woman running for mayor in his hometown of Chicago.

The Blast reports:

Ye dropped $73,540.00 into the campaign of Amara Enyia on Monday morning, according to the Illinois State Board of Elections. Enyia has been publicly backed by Chance the Rapper during her quest to become the next Mayor of Chicago, and it’s clear Chance has been speaking to Kanye.

The amount Ye donated matches up, to the penny, for a fine Enyia is facing from the Board of Elections for failing to properly file documents in relation to her 2015 campaign for Mayor. The outstanding debt needed to be satisfied by December in order for Enyia to run for office.

Noble as this gesture is, it still doesn’t mean Yeezy is invited back to the Thanksgiving table considering that hat is still in play. But perhaps the producer and designer might have some greater scheme in mind by donning the slogan-emblazoned cap.

Do remember that West claims he’s running for president in 2020, so maybe he’s soaking up game and getting the MAGA crowd behind him. Time will tell.

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