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Craig Mack is back in the news again, and no, he’s not reuniting with his former Bad Boy Records crew as they embark on a reunion tour. The “Flava In Ya Ear” rapper appeared in a video at the church of alleged Christian cult leader Brother Stair’s Overcomer Ministry church.

In a video titled “Craig Mack Testimony” dated May 21 and filmed on location at Stair’s Walterboro, S.C. church commune, Brother Stair, also known as Ralph Gordon Stair, called Mack to the front of the congregation. For much of the sermon, Stair is ribbing Mack about his former ways while the rapper sits idly by with frequent sayings of “amen” as he spoke.

Stair then challenges Mack to rhyme an acapella verse of a song he previously introduced to Stair. To Mack’s credit, he sounded formidable as his lyrics are fully informed by his embracing the Christian faith.

“Well I know to the world, the rap I kick/Will make you think I’m a lunatic, lost my mind or mentally sick / But for all mankind this is it/New kingdom on the earth where the devil don’t fit / No more bad times and no more wars/New Jerusalem the city with the gold on the floors,” goes Mack’s verse.

As reported by HHDX, Stair calls out Sean “Puff Daddy” Combs, and a full version of the song appears at the end of the clip.

Stair’s ministry, a closed-off community of around 70, has been the center of controversy after its leader was accused of forcing worshippers to follow his teachings, sexual abuse, and curious infant deaths. A 2006 deposition found here to one of the cases shows Stair admitting to committing adultery and consensual sex, but denying the charges of  second-degree sexual assault he was slapped with.

Watch the video of Craig Mack rapping in front of Brother Stair’s church below.

Photo: YouTube