One of Rap’s greatest talents has to face his very infamous reputation. Pusha T says his cocaine bars have come back to bite into his potential earnings.

Proponents challenging the sentencing guidelines argue that the law largely affected Black populations versus their white counterparts.

However, before Hip-Hop fame and Grammy nominations, Gibbs spent his time on the block and retold a story of how he shot a man hopped up on crack cocaine nine times who lived to tell the tale.

It seems some folks did not learn from Frank Lucas’ mistake of wearing the fur to the boxing match. One couple tied to a state representative was trapping for foreigns and designer, allegedly.

Back in January, Trick Daddy got popped for a DUI after a failed field sobriety test, which caused some extreme slander due to his mugshot and hairline. Now video of the arrest has been revealed, and it will only lead to more cocaine jokes because, it’s a pandemic and we need all the distraction we […]

Trick Daddy has once again run afoul of the long arm of the law, this time getting knocked for a DUI and possession of some nose candy. The Miami rapper’s mugshot surfaced online with other reports and Twitter is roasting the struggle flick as expected.

Lil Wayne might be looking at some time in front of a judge in the coming weeks, this after his private plane was flagged by the authorities in Miami. Upon arriving in Florida, guns and cocaine were found on the Young Money Records honcho’s plane.

Cam’Ron just blessed the streets with more of that (former) fly drug dealer talk with Purple Haze 2 and he famously told us a decade ago that he “Used To Get It In Ohio” on his Crime Pays album. However, a middle-aged postal worker must have studied the ways of Killa after she was caught […]

Three smugglers are thanking both the heavens and the infamous coca plant after a harrowing experience. The trio hung on to their product, bales of cocaine, for dear life while waiting for help.

The Snowman plays for the New England Patriots? Today (Aug. 22), NFL safety Patrick Chung was indicted for cocaine possession in New Hampshire.

Dwight Gooden, a standout player for the New York Mets, famously battled cocaine and alcohol addiction during and well after his playing days. The 54-year-old New Jersey resident was arrested last month on June 7 for cocaine in yet another high-profile incident related to his drug abuse.

Ty Dolla $ign found himself on the wrong end of the law last October when he and his crew were stopped in Atlanta, leading to the arrest of the singer. After getting popped for possessing cocaine and marijuana, Ty managed to get the arrest stricken from his record after completing some tasks.