Ever heard of a performer with the stage name Chad Focus? If your is answer is no then get prepared to hear all about him and his grand master scammer escapades.

What glitters isn’t always gold. especially when it comes to social media. A style insider is facing prison time for running a swipes scam.

Azealia Banks once again is turning heads, not for her formidable musical ability but for reasons outside her profession. The talented, if struggle-adjacent, rapper was served with papers regarding a six-figure lawsuit over credit card debt.

While Samsung unpacked its new family of Galaxy S10 phones, Apple is reportedly getting into the credit business teaming up with investment firm Goldman Sachs to issue its own physical credit card that will offer customers perks.

Rachel True, who starred in the hit CW television show Half & Half, and films such as The Craft and Half-Baked, has fallen on tough times according to a new report. The 51-year-old actress owes over $31,000 on an outstanding credit card bill.

Major credit bureau Equifax has suffered a massive data breach that has exposed the personal information of over 143 million subscribers.

Now this is really cruel. Roscoe Dash chopped it up with Sway on Sirius XM satellite radio and finally explained his side of the story. If you remember his tweet rant a few weeks ago, Roscoe spazzed out on artists like Kanye West, Miguel and Wale for not getting credit on each of their respective […]

Roscoe Dash has been relatively quiet since he’s appeared on the XXL Freshman cover earlier this year, but that’s because he’s been working behind the scenes on some of the years biggest songs and albums, according to the singer. The “All The Way Turnt Up” singer who is also featured on Fat Joe’s “Pride & […]

One month ago, Maxi Sopo was a free man, resting deep within the embrace of hedonistic wiles. Now, he is probably resisting the aggressively persistent embrace of “Big” Bubba from cell block D, as federal authorities have finally apprehended the flighty criminal. All thanks to the social networking behemoth known as Facebook. Federal authorities claim […]