El Chapo’s money was longer than we all thought. It is alleged he had Mexico’s top crime fighter, García Luna, on his payroll.


Another New York City police officer has learned the price of riding dirty. The badge will be doing hard time for dealing dope on the side.

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Prince George’s County Police officer Jenchesky Santiago is now facing five years in prison for quite frankly, abusing his power with the badge.


Roughly a dozen officers at an Alabama police department were involved in a calculated and corrupt plot that went on for years. An internal investigation of the Dothan Police Department revealed that narcotics officers planted drugs and guns on innocent young Black men under the supervision of a lieutenant and sergeant in the department, as well […]

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A former Sacramento cop by the name of Gary Dale Baker has just become the latest poster child for crooked cops worldwide.


Commerce City police officer Kevin Lord is living proof that you can’t believe every report created by law enforcement.

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Crooked police officers come in all shapes and sizes, colors and creeds from different walks in life. It is a systematic problem that is being passed down from veteran to rookie trainee and will continue to ensue until the chain is broken internally.

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In July of 2014, white Seattle police officer Cynthia Whitlatch was inappropriately aggressive and unnecessarily escalated the interaction between herself and a 69-year-old Black man named William Wingate, who was holding a golf club like a cane.


A pair of Detroit police officers are being accused of being crooked cops after enough evidence has been collected to indict that they have been making extra wages by robbing dope dealers for years.


A trio of Rikers Island correction officers allegedly confused their positions of power with having kingpin status and have been charged with a bevy of crimes.

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The troubles that plague the Chicago law enforcement sector are seemingly a statewide issue as five suburban Illinois cops were caught lying on a man they pulled over with a pound of weed.

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In a classic case of “The Lohans Get The Breaks, The T.I.’s We Just Stare Through Them,” a  New York City police detective has been given probation after being found guilty of official misconduct after it was concluded that he planted crack cocaine on an unsuspecting couple in 2007. As previously reported, detective Jason Arbeeny, […]