Sometimes gentrification isn’t relegated just to “renovating” buildings at the expense of its natives. At times, it also involves the exploitation of the neighborhood itself.

A disturbing trend of unprovoked and random attacks known as the “knockout” game has exploded across the New York metropolitan area. Now, NYPD officials want to investigate the game as a hate crime after several Jews reported they’ve been victims of the violent act.

A Brooklyn teen’s joyride came to an abrupt end after running through a red light and hitting other parked cars Tuesday morning (June 25). The unidentified youngster lost all control of emotion once an NYPD officer placed him in handcuffs.

Enduring two weeks of punishment, a 14-year-old girl was repeatedly raped, drugged and beaten by two men while confined to a Crown Heights basement located in Brooklyn. Finally able to make her escape, the victim identified Anthony King and Kevin Evans, both 24, as being the culprits behind the heinous act, according to court records. […]