Dame Dash

It seems Dame Dash and Jay-Z have come to a reasonable understanding regarding Reasonable Doubt. The two have finally settled on their NFT lawsuit.

A jury ruled against Dame Dash earlier this week, ordering him to pay over $800,000 to a director and a production company after they sued him for copyright infringement. The case was brought to court alleging that Dash took a film project he was booted from and tried to shop it under a different name to networks.

Dame Dash is known for dropping bold statements. This particular one might be his boldest one yet.

It looks like one of the culture’s most beloved films is getting a sequel. Dame Dash has confirmed he has start pre production on a sequel to Paid In Full. 

When Dame Dash speaks the Hip-Hop community listens. In a recent interview he says that Kanye West is the only talent he groom that shows him the proper respect.


Dame Dash even offered his two cents on Jay's induction into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame saying "That means I'm in the Hall of Fame,"

The sale of Roc-A-Fella Records continues to get muddier and muddier by the week. Dame Dash is calling the legal back and forth a bad look for the culture.


Aside from using meds and avoiding meat to keep himself as healthy as can be, Dame also revealed he also steams on the regular to get toxins out of his body. Now that the Coronavirus has presented a new danger to himself and the people that he loves, Dame feels it's his responsibility to take the vaccine in order to keep himself and those around him safe one way or another.

Damon Dash has added another member to his family. He and his lady now share a child together.

Dame Dash has some explaining to do. It seems the mogul has been out of pocket when it comes to his children.


Dame Dash is back! Returning to New York City a “warrantless” man but to deal with some “frivolous” cases in court, Dame stopped by The Breakfast Club to enlighten the morning trio on how he’s been prophetic as to the moves he’s made and where he’s at today.