On Tuesday (Oct 27) Beenie Man took to social media to share an update amid rumors that he was hospitalized after fainting at his mother’s funeral after footage of the dancehall icon passing out in front of his mother's casket began circulating the web last weekend.

The legendary deejays have been locked in battles dating back to the early 1990s and this friendly one-on-one competition was intense while also extremely humorous.

The two talented deejays have been among the best dancehall reggae artists for the best two decades.

The dancehall reggae entertainer is serving a life sentence for a 2014 murder conviction.

If you’re missing the sex-tinged dancehall chunes from artists like Lady Saw, the lovely Danielle “Danielle D.I.” Isaacs has you covered. Meet our latest Baes & Baddies entry. Check out the lyric video for her x-rated single “Addicktion” by following this link.  

The link between dancehall reggae and Hip-Hop music has long been established and studied by fans of the genre. With a striking combination of the two sounds, newly signed Epic Records act HoodCelebrityy is an artist on a steady rise with a lot of heavy connections already in place.

Sister Nancy and her classic “Bam Bam” track has been sampled dozens of times in Hip-Hop music and beyond. In a recent interview, the Dancehall Reggae legend spoke about Jay-Z and Kanye West using the record for their respective songs while also capturing what she’s done over the course of her career.

Have you seen the video of Fire Gyal Flexi pretty much lighting her vajay jay on fire in a dance competition? Don’t worry, she claims she’s a-okay—save for 1st degree burns and peeling skin. 

Dancehall artist J Capri died at a hospital in Jamaica early Friday, from injuries sustained in a car accident late last month. She was 23.

Singer and Dancehall Reggae pioneer Wayne Smith, who ushered in a new wave of digital beats in the genre, is dead at 48. Credited with creating the still popular “Under mi Sleng Teng” riddim, or rhythm, Smith’s track has served as a backdrop for several classic Reggae records.