While he is largely recognized as one of the greatest minds in Hip-Hop Irv Gotti’s mouth has gotten him in hot water yet again. His recent comments regarding the cause of DMX’s death did not sit well with the culture.

According to published reports, the Emmy- and Tony-winning actress, who distinguished herself in theater, film, and television, passed away on Thursday (Jan 28) as confirmed by her longtime manager, Larry Thompson. In a statement confirming her death, Thompson reflects on the icon's life and legacy, adding that her last task of placing a star atop her Christmas tree was her favorite.

It has been an especially brutal year in regards to the passing of young Hip-Hop artists.

The Scottish actor became famous as Ian Fleming's dashing and death-defying spy but also continued to shine in roles outside of the Bond character as well.

On Monday (Oct 26), the iconic actor and singer took to Instagram to share the devastating news of Dixon's passing, adding that while he knows her spirit is "still alive", her passing has "shattered his heart to pieces."

The untimely passing of actress Naya Rivera shocked the entertainment world to its core. On Monday (Jul 13), authorities recovered the body of a woman from Lake Pire that they identified as the 33-year old actress. After the devastating discovery, celebrities and fans took to social media to express their grief and share memories of the late actress.

Death in any capacity is hard to deal with, but imagine finding out a loved one was deceased via the news before authorities got the chance to notify your family—it’s that feeling that prompted Color of Change to call for the boycott TMZ over how they handle the death of Black celebrities.

2020 is already off to a rocky start for the Hip-Hop genre. One the game’s emerging stars has died.

Travelers beware; the deaths tied to the Dominican Republic continue. Another man has lost his life after visiting the Caribbean island.

Grande seemed to be very much in love with the comedian, but new details have surfaced.

Mac Miller‘s sudden passing last week still remains something of a mystery as an official cause of death has yet to be announced. While speculation over how the young rapper died remains high, it has since come out that Miller was allegedly dead for hours ahead of his body being discovered.