Michael Newman alleges he was discriminated against at Howard. Lawsuit shows he frequently antagonized and harassed fellow students.

While the plight of the Black community is still top of mind for many the less than treatment continues. Reports show our entrepreneurs are not being given a fair shake when it comes to federal support.

Former CEO and Publisher of OkayPlayer and OkayAfrica and Founder of OkayMedia, Abiola Oke, has responded to the allegations of discrimination and sexual misconduct. On Thursday (Jun 26), Abiola Oke took to social media to respond to allegations that he subjected Black women employees to a hostile working environment. As previously reported, the news of the ill-treatment was exposed after former staff writer Antionette Isama took to social media to air out grievances for the Black women who worked for the organization and were subjected to lower pay, inappropriate behavior, gaslighting, and sabotage among other grievances.

In the state capital of Jackson in Mississippi, five Black strippers were awarded $3.3 million in a workplace discrimination case. The women argued that their working conditions were far worse than that of their white counterparts.

It looks like Future will have to defend his name against allegations that he prohibited a BBW from entering a Miami hot spot. The woman in question is prepping a lawsuit against him.

Police are known to love coffee and donuts. So it came with great surprise when they accused a Dunkin’ Donuts location of refusing to serve two officers who were on duty.

It was supposed to be a trip to the “Happiest place on Earth” yet a muslim family never made it to their $10,000 Disneyland excursion. On December 15, U.S. border control authorities stopped the family of 11 from boarding an L.A.-bound flight, giving no explanation as to why they wren’t allowed on the plane despite having visas […]

Ahmed Mohamed, the Muslim teen arrested for bringing a homemade clock to school, wants financial retribution for an incident his family’s lawyer says was “openly discriminatory.” The teen and his family are suing the city of Irving, Texas and the school district for $15 million, and a written apology.

The NYPD is ready to fess up. The department has admitted that spying on Muslims in New York City and surrounding areas, was an epic waste of money, resources, and time. The investigation helmed by the Demographics Unit was not only a form of discrimination, but provided no leads into potential terrorist activity. With the […]

Stating that she was a victim of discrimination, a Black woman has started a petition to boycott against an Asian restaurant after being refused service. According to the woman, Monica Covington, restaurant owners and employees of Kampai Japanese Steak and Seafood House, located in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, refused to give her service making the allegations […]

Recently, a championship match between Mississippi’s two top 6-A soccer teams erupted into violence as a player viciously attacked another on the opposing team. During the final five minutes of the State High School Soccer Championship match between Gulfport and Northwest Rankin, a white player from Gulfport exploded and brutally attacked a black player from […]