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It was supposed to be a trip to the “Happiest place on Earth” yet a muslim family never made it to their $10,000 Disneyland excursion. On December 15, U.S. border control authorities stopped the family of 11 from boarding an L.A.-bound flight, giving no explanation as to why they wren’t allowed on the plane despite having visas to enter the states.

“Just before the final check to get into the lounge we were singled out,” recalled Mohammed Mahmood. “A man from UK Border Force came and said, ‘I’m sorry you can’t board this flight. We received a call from Washington DC that we can’t allow this family to board the flight.'”

Mahmood, his brother and their children ranging from ages eight to 19, were heading stateside to visit the theme park and his older brother. He says the experience was upsetting and traumatizing for the children. “They think they’ve done something wrong, “ he explained. “I want an explanation, and what’s going to happen next. I would still like to go to America, I would like my kids to fulfill their dreams.”

Stella Creasy, a British labor politician wrote a letter urging Prime Minister David Cameron to investigate.Cameron’s office announced Wednesday (Dec. 23) that it will look into the incident.

Creasy said she’s aware of a handful of other instances where muslims were denied U.S. entry. ”A lot of Muslim constituents are now saying to me that they’re frightened about flying,” said Creasy. “They’re frightened they’re going to lose money, they’re frightened they’re not going to be able to see relatives.”

Discrimination against Muslim has seemingly heightened since terrorist attacks in Paris and San Bernardino, Calif. Donald Trump recently called to ban Muslims from entering the U.S. until “we can figure out what’s going on here.”

The idea was criticized as being unconstitutional, and crazy.

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